Internship Program with Denver Public Schools

Intern Hassani Shambe from Thomas Jefferson High School

Meet our intern from Thomas Jefferson High School – Hassani Shambe!

TUF was absolutely thrilled to be selected by Denver Public Schools to participate in their Summer Internship Program.

We look forward to maintaining this relationship for years to come and strongly encourage other mission driven businesses/nonprofit organizations in Denver to participate as well.

Fact 1: Hassani was raised in Denver and is currently studying marketing and Japanese literature at Thomas Jefferson High School. Go Spartans!
Fact 2: Growing up in a competitive family that has owned a few businesses, Hassani developed an interest for entrepreneurship at a young age
Fact 3: Hassani plans on going to a Japanese university to study international relations and linguistics due to his passion for language learning and business.
“I am beyond excited to be part of the TUF team for the upcoming future. It feels great to work around such a passionate, smart and goal-oriented team. I hope to learn a lot from them, I also hope they can learn some things from me as well. Working with diversity is a love of mind, as well as my growing passion for marketing. With these passions in mind this internship will be perfect for me to not only learn but to build on those passions.”

– Hassani Shambe, Intern at The Underdog Family

Hassani will be working directly with our President on community outreach, staff workload management, new business partnerships, and meeting with potential donors.

Hassani will gain valuable experience using tools such as Excel, Trello, and PowerPoint while preparing a final presentation for DPS to complete the program.

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