Las Cazuelas de Fer Joins The Underdog Family!

We are so excited to announce the launch of! A huge thank you to PNC Bank (@pncbank) for their sponsorship of TUF to make this partner launch possible.

Family. Family. Family. The Antunez family began their journey cooking up Mexican cuisine over 25 years ago in 1995. Fernando and his wife, Marta, began cooking as a part time hobby until they realized their true passion for putting delicious food into people's bellies...often in the form of a mouth watering torta!

Over the years, the family has owned and operated multiple restaurants but the latest project is their pride and joy - Las Cazuelas de Fer. Named after the family's youngest daughter Fernanda and her father Fernando, Las Cazuelas de Fer brings a family owned business into the heart of Denver, centered around delicious Mexican dishes.

As The Underdog Family’s first Food Truck partner, we are so excited to visit the Antunez family in multiple locations around Denver. Find them at Civic Center Eats, Ruby Hill Park, and their primary location on Brighton and 35th, across the street from Great Divide Barrel Bar. A full schedule will be posted to their website soon! Support local, grab a torta, and say hello to the Antunez family today!

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