How have women Throughout History Inspired You?

At The Underdog Family, we celebrate women (womyn, womxn) everyday. The women who are part of our Family are paving the way for future generations - to leave a legacy to be remembered for centuries to come.

On #internationalwomensday we're spotlighting one of our female-founded and operated business partners who is fearlessly driving change and innovation through her community. Bridget Ofori from @nanaafricanmkt , told us her inspiration stems from her mother, the woman behind the vision of her market and company.

“I would have to say my mom, the woman behind the vision of what is now Nana African Market and CEO of Bridgette Ofori Company. My mom, Nana, migrated to the U.S. from Ghana. She always had a dream of one day owning her own business. She worked tirelessly to support her children here in America and extended family in Ghana, while saving every penny she could spare in hopes of one day making her dream a reality. She started slowly by selling her items from her small apartment in NYC. She later managed to become a wholesale distributor. Finally after almost 20 years she was able to open her own store, right here in Denver CO.”

Bridget Ofori, Owner of Nana African Market

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