Famous Original J’s Pizza Joins The Underdog Family

Thrilled to announce the newest addition to our Family, with Famous Original J's Pizza 🍕♥️

The second concept that emerged from Bridge & Tunnel Restaurant Group (BTRG) is Famous Original J's Pizza (@famousoriginaljspizza), which opened next door to the original location of @rosenbergsbagel in Five Points on April 20, 2018. The name – Famous Original J’s Pizza – is a nod to the culture of Ray’s Pizza shops that proliferate New York City, as well as members of the founder Joshua Pollack's family whose names begin with “J,” a testament to the theme of family that runs throughout each of the BTRG concepts.

Famous J's offers two styles of pizza, available by the slice or as a whole pie. The first is a traditional East Coast thin-crust style with a light yet chewable crust and plenty of cheese, that’s satisfying without being overly greasy. Second is Grandma Style, with a thick, square crust, topped directly with cheese, and finished off with sauce on the surface. Using only the highest-quality ingredients and also offering vegan and gluten-free options, Famous Original J’s Pizza uses the same technology that differentiates Rosenberg’s Bagels by replicating NYC's water. A proprietary filtration system uses reverse osmosis to strip Denver tap water of its minerals, then reintroduces them in the same specific proportions found in New York, which contributes to the strength of the gluten in the dough, resulting in authentic, perfectly crispy-yet-chewy bagels and pizza crust.

Our Five Points TUF team members go to? Any slice as long as it comes with a 12 piece order of their freshly baked garlic knots 😋 Check out this gem Tuesday-Sunday next time you're bouncing along Welton Street!

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