Cultivating a Stronger Community

The Underdog Family is revolutionizing the non-profit game by utilizing skills-based volunteering to support small businesses and the Denver community.

group of volunteers from TUF posing for a photo
volunteers from TUF picking up trash at the park
volunteer from TUF using a wheelbarrow
darian from TUF talking to volunteers during park day
volunteers from TUF raking mulch under a tree
strong woman lifting barbell with TUF t-shirt
Derrick with the microphone on stage with business owners
volunteers listening in a park
volunteers from TUF at a table putting together care packages
volunteers from TUF raking mulch and grass
group of volunteers from TUF posing for a photo
volunteers from TUF making care packages at a table
volunteers from TUF picking up trash
woman holding microphone giving speech on stage
business owner embrace
team hanging banner and decorations on the wall

Technical Services

Our team of skills-based volunteers assists our small businesses partners with website design, photography, and online ordering integration, completely free of charge.

Community Impact

We team up with our partners to maximize our impact in the community through initiatives centered around a mission of doing good things for good people.

Events & Promotion

We promote and celebrate the successes of our Family members by promoting them to our network and hosting collaborative events that bring people of different backgrounds together.

About Us

Who We Are

In today’s world, having an online presence as a business is more crucial than ever. The Underdog Family's skills-based volunteering model supports small businesses in the Denver area that have disproportionate access to technical resources by providing website design and photography services completely free of charge to the business owner.

Our Mission
Cultivating a stronger community by highlighting the gems within it.
We Lean on Our Community to Maximize Our Impact
We are a volunteer-run organization so every dollar donated goes directly to our mission of highlighting the gems in our community including...
  • Small Businesses
  • Local Heroes
  • Public Spaces
No overhead. No waste. Just Impact.
All donations are 100% tax deductible.
jevon taylor from greenspaces giving a keynote speech at the underdog family's annual gala
small business websites launched
estimated positive financial impact for local businesses
charged to businesses for our services

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Join the Team

We rely on volunteers to make our impact.

Explore professional growth opportunities, meet new people, and have fun while doing good for the Denver community.